A collaborative project with Los Angeles Printmaking Society
  • 3-30 October 2019
  • Opening: 3 October 2019 at 6pm

SG gallery is delighted to welcome ImMigration project curated by Mary Sherwood Brock in collaboration with Los Angeles Printmaking Society with invited artists from the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica.

This collaborative exhibition asks artists to respond to the complicated and layered themes around “Migration”. As a natural process, migration brings to mind compelling images of caribou herds, butterfly swarms and flocks of birds; annual rituals following the seasons, migrations that occur also as reactions to disasters from crisis, fear, hunger, political upheaval or war, with whole populations suddenly becoming refugees, endangered, homeless, and immigrant. The impact of change and transition on the environment, on culture, language and on history, is an eternal process that begins with the process of migration. Each artists’ triangular print is a uniquely personal response to these themes and ideas, interpretations and interactions which presented together as a group create a dynamic visual mosaic.


First presented at Union Gallery, University of North Texas this international touring exhibition will travel to Self Help Graphics in Los Angeles in January and February in 2020.

SG exhibitions curated by Déirdre Kelly

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