Carolyn Webb

“What was scattered gathers.
What is gathered blows away.”
  • Tuesday 14 -24 January 2020

This series of collagraph and drypoint prints are titled after the above words by Heraclitus. They describe the pulsing vitality of our world whose formal expressions; microscopic or vast, living or not, are under-laid with patterns, energy and influences in an eternal repetition of expansion and contraction, creation and destruction.

Each image required as many as 7 plates and up to 19 passes through the press for each print.  With every additional ink layer, the work grew in dense and random complexity held within the constant of the square format.


“What Was Scattered, 01”
Drypoint and collagraph on stained Toyo Gampi paper, 2018, 41cm x 41cm. 2018

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