Traci Horgen

Yet / Ancora

  • May 2 – 7, 2016
  • Meet the artist: Friday, May 6, 6pm

“This body of work for this exhibition stems from an on-going fascination with ornamentation, its rhythmic and metaphoric properties and its ability to transform the banal into something strange and sensuous.

The architectural ornamentation of Venice is an expression of drama which is both enduring and multi-layered. The scrollwork and acanthus leaves which decorate the buildings assert in their design a longing to persist; to live more, always more.

As you walk around Venice, just above your head you will see that there are patere which adorn the city’s buildings. They depict predatory animals and their prey interlocked within a tight circular framework. Made from scrap marble, patere were meant to protect against evil and vice.

I have isolated, replicated and transformed columnar architectural elements and patere through serigraphy, drawing and painting. For this exhibition, the result of my artistic research is a pairing of the vertical with the circular, the expressiveness of the loosely rendered with the tactility of precision.”

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