Jordan Craig

Recent Works

  • 29 November – 8 December 2017
  • Opening 29 November 18:00

Jordan Craig is a Northern Cheyenne artist based in California. She created two series of work at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica Venezia exhibited in the SG gallery. Marbled is a series of black and white monoprints that will be bound in an artist book. Within this work, Jordan explores the geometries of architectural structures, as well as the aesthetic of faux marble inspired by Venetian frescoes. Dot Drawings is the second series of work created with white acrylic paint and simple tools. These paintings document time, and served as a meditative exercise during their creation.

Jordan Craig was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, and studied Studio Art and Psychology at Dartmouth College. She uses printmaking, painting, and collage to create abstract spaces, landscapes and patterns. Her work is the practice of addition and subtraction, concealment and revelation. Peculiar geometries and textures define space and oscillate. The dots and shapes are her language; the stories are in their rhythm. She seeks to balance the familiar and the mysterious, shared stories and secrets. Jordan is currently on fellowship studying printmaking in communal print shops across Europe.➤
Exhibition curated by Déirdre Kelly➤

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